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My name is Mark Feller.

I'm a character-rigging TD from Germany.

I love rigging cartoony 3D characters and working with their unique physiques that don’t always follow the rules of real life anatomy. I also enjoy creating facial setups as well as modeling realistic creatures.

The most interesting and challenging project that I worked on was the Cartoon Network show "The Amazing World of Gumball".

Below, you'll find my showreel and a selection of projects I have worked on. 

showreel mark feller

showreel mark feller

Video abspielen

"The Amazing World of Gumball" season 1-6 


(2009 - 2018)

    - rigging of the main characters

    - rigging of vehicles and props
    - blendshape modeling
    - autorig
    - caching pipeline
    - animation tools

I worked on all 6 seasons of this TV series for Studio Soi.
I rigged characters and props and also modeled facial expressions. After the first season, we implemented a caching pipeline which I set up, maintained and expanded for all the following seasons.

All characters were very different and unique and every rig presented new challenges. I learned a lot about cartoon anatomy and the relationship between the 2D and 3D worlds.


"Petzi" season 1 

(2016 - 2018)

    - modeling
    - rigging
    - skinning
    - animation tools (python)

I had the chance to model and rig the main character and some side characters for this beautiful project.


"Trudes Tier"


(2014 - 2019)

    - rigging and modeling of the main Characters 

On one hand the 2D look is more forgiving and allows for a lot of tricks. On the other hand, it has its own demands such as faking camera angles and making the characters more readable.
On this project I was lucky to also do some animation. Using my own rigs beyond the usual testing gave me lots of new ideas for rigging improvements.


"Pettersson & Findus"



    - rigging of the main characters 

This was a more realistic character with an advanced facial setup. It could also be pushed in a more cartoony animation style for some action sequences.


"Adventure Time  - A Glitch Is A Glitch"



    - rigging of main and side characters

This was a special 3D episode directed by David O'Reilly.  

It was a short, fun project. The character models were low-poly and not smoothed. The rigs had to be able to do a lot of stretching and scaling.


"The Gruffalo"


(2008 - 2010)

    - rigging of the main characters 

The sets and most of the backgrounds for this project were real life models, whereas the characters were completely CG. The deformation of the characters and the lipsync had to feel as if they were tactile puppets. I learned a lot about cartoony blendshape modeling and how to stay true to the design of a character while working on the first Gruffalo movie.


"The Gruffalo's Child"   

 (2010 - 2011)

    - rigging of the main characters 

For the second part of the Gruffalo, the characters were completely remodeled and freshly rigged. I created an autorig that would rebuild the complete rig every time a change was made. This way, all new features could automatically be applied to all of the characters at once.

I learned a lot about automation and used a modified version of this setup for future rigs.

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